Dashund langhaar Papillon
Registered in 1984
About Me

My interest in cynology became apparent when I was a child. Nobody in my environment didn't have the pure – bred dog, and I dreamt to have one. The breed was indifferent at first, although I liked greyhounds very much.

My dream came true at the primary school, when my parents bought me the pedigree dalmatian – the bitch named BONI from Kasia, which I have named Bessi. It was the time when I started an adventure with cynology: with exhibitions, trainings and puppies.

My first real breeding, which I registered in 1984, was named after Bessi – it was the Cętkowana Sfora. Unfortunately, only one litter of dalmatians was born at that time, because my beloved bitch went missing in unexplained circumstances at the age of 4.

I knew that I wanted to work with animals since childhood. I have chosen the Zootechnics College in Bydgoszcz – probably this is the reason why I have my current job in the Zoobotanical Garden in Toruń where I have been a breeding manager since 1996.

Being a student of a 5th year, I bought the standard long-haired dachshund bitch. Iga settled with me in the dormitory, and after a return to Toruń AXA Wesołe Misie joined her.

Axa didn't like exhibitions, but she was very clever and she has achieved many success in trainings. She has passed the PT1 examination, and walked away at the age of 11 years, Iga unfortunately earlier.

The miniature long-haired dachshunds still live with us. These are CAVALCANTI Elsanta i GAMA z Kałowskiej Chaty. They have achieved exhibition successes and they have given a few litters of beautiful puppies. They are now 14-year-old seniors, but still enjoy a good health.

In the meantime, a rabbit long-haired female dachshund, CZARNA MAMBA Anna Gromak, has joint them. That was the time when we have recived the first import from the Czech Republic – it was long expected, coming from one of best breeding, descendant of very titled parents Toklarama's Espresso (COFFEE in a casual life).

. I am happy that after the time my breeding will be developed and I hope to see the next litters from the Cętkowana Sfora.

What is more, after some time I decided to explore the secrets of Zoopsychology and I become the animal psychologist, a specialist of the man – accompanying animal relations.

My breeding is giving me a lot of satisfaction. It lets me to survive the difficult moments of my life and still is motivating me to improve my skills. I would like to thank my husband who used to go with me to the numerous exhibitions, my parents and the son Damian. Thanks to them I can leave my breeding and go for a vacations sometimes. I would also thank everyone who have trusted me and have purchased a puppy from the Cętkowana Sfora. I am convinced that it will be a reason of new owners joy – as my dogs are a reason of my pride and joy.                                      


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